One of my favourite quotes is ‘Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.’ I used to own a successful day spa on a beautiful 100 acre property in the Hunter Valley. It made me a some good dosh but it wasn't what made me tick. I’ve always known the typical way of life wasn’t for me so I made the change, shut shop and hit the road to create one full of adventure, fun and creativity and one where I can help the less fortunate which is extremely important to me. 


Photography has been my passion since I was young, along with music and travel as I made my way into adulthood. Now these three things form the basis of what I do each day and have paved the way to help me create a life that feels right. I love photographing people, I love capturing moments and faces, distant places, unique cultures or the look on a musicians face as the crowd starts singing every word to the song he wrote. I feel like its a way of sharing with others my appreciation for what I am seeing and experiencing so that they can feel it too. A French man I once travelled Borneo with used to say  'Everything is better shared'. 


Another major passion of mine is helping the people of Nepal. I started 'Footprints in Nepal' in honour of my younger brother and best friend Daniel Saxby after I had been there shooting a documentary and left the day before the tragic earthquake hit. We do everything from building shelters / homes, providing blankets and food and also take care of three children Alina, Alpekshya and Suraj who were found orphaned in the jungle after the earthquake. They have lived such a tough life at such a very young age so it feels amazing to be able to set them up for a bright future! You can follow my work and donate to my projects there by going to

Home is in Byron Bay Australia, or on the road in my camper van 'Tahloola' however I frequently travel internationally as a freelance photographer so please get in touch wherever you may be..... If I'm not planning to head your way it is usually pretty easy to make it happen! :) 

Renae x 



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