Footprints in Nepal

In honour of Daniel Saxby 



I started this page in 2015 when I first returned to Nepal post earthquake in honour of my younger brother Daniel. The earthquake resulted in around 9000 people losing their lives and 3.5 people were left homeless. So that you understand what it is all about here is what I wrote when I first returned:

'In the next few days it will be my little brother Daniel's Anniversary of passing and his Birthday. This page is in honour of him and my Birthday gift to him this year will be helping the people of Nepal. It is time to draw inspiration from him with his cheeky big grin and wild colourful spirit and turn tears into smiles :) ' 

Since that time I have worked with several wonderful people and organisations. With the money you have donated so far we have achieved: 

- Currently supporting three children Suraj , Alina and Alpekshya who were found orphaned and living in the jungle. I have committed to supporting them long term and have a paid carer taking great care of them. In the past few months with the help of GMIN Nepal we have successful completed construction of a new home for them and also for their neighbours. The children now have a safe place to call home.














Alpekshya, Suraj and Alina in their home before we build them a new one. 4 people slept

in the bed and the window had no glass to keep the cold out in winter. 

- Built many shelters / new homes for people that lost their homes in the earthquake. 

- Purchased and transported blankets and sleeping mats to a remote village that is surrounded by snow in the winter. The villagers were sleeping on the floor of their huts with 4 people to one blanket. 

- Brought medicines and sanitary items for health camps 

- Contributed to relocating an entire village that was in a landslide zone.  
There are so many people living in poverty, hardship and intense struggle here in Nepal. The hardest hit areas are the rural provinces. The images of Kathmandu that were broadcast all over the world are a tiny example of the devastation. Families have been sleeping under plastic sheeting and pieces of tin, children have been orphaned, child slavery and sex trafficking are in full force and many adults and children suffer from trauma.  Your generosity will go a long way in providing safety and comfort to these beautiful people who already had so little and are now needing help more than ever.

My images are a way for me to create awareness and I will continue with photo updates of our work here to share with you all what your donations are providing and to introduce you to the lives you are saving. 

Your donations help me to be able to help Nepal.  Every dollar you donate goes directly to the people that need it and also to covering basci expenses associated with bringing the projects to life.

Thank you so much for your help! 

Renae Saxby

'Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.'

Renae Saxby Photography

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