January 01, 2020

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Conscious Travel - How to help Nepal by simply visiting - For Disfunkshion Magazine

January 28, 2016

My story and images of my time in Nepal and how simply visiting is the best help you can give them following the April 2015 earthquake was a  four page feature in USA based Disfunkshion Magazine. Available online through Diskunkshion and also Spell Byron Bay. 


To  see full sotry go to http://dfsmag.com/


My Bucket List - Axel and Ash

February 24, 2016

Published in My Bucketlist by Axel and Ash. Beautifully bound in stylish black cloth, My BUCKETLIST is a funky new journal that invites you to decide what you want to do with your one wild and crazy life by collecting all your dreams, desires and ideas in one place.Whether it’s to travel Route 66 in an open Cadillac, eat pizza in Naples, ride a zebra or just dance in the rain, this book is buzzing with tips, motivation and everything you need to start your life’s greatest adventures. Quirky, individual and so much fun, My BUCKETLIST inspires you to live life to the fullest and capture all the incredible experiences and moments along the way











February 24, 2016

This free-spirited photoshoot by Renae Saxby of Renae Saxby Photography is set among the tree-tops in Byron Bay.


The multi-talented Renae has actually previously worked as a make-up artist, allowing this skill to combine perfectly with her photography work. Although based in Byron Bay in Australia, the creative is quite the globe-trotter, often finding herself interstate and overseas due to her in-demand work.


Click the link to read full interview... 


January 01, 2020

For some, travel is inspired by an opportunity to lend a helping hand in communities less fortunate than their own. Photographer Renae Saxby recently returned from an aid work mission in the remote villages of Nepal, a country torn apart by natural disaster. These are some of her stories. 


View full story here... http://www.summersite.com/articles/roadtonowhere/E0000477_nepal-rising-from-rubble/

KAVRE: RACING THE LANDSLIDE - Published on Summersite

December 31, 2015

We lowered our thumbs and raced to climb up on the roof of an already overloaded truck. The steep mountain was no fun on foot, loaded up with tents and supplies, so we were stoked that we had a ride. There were five of us making our way to help relocate Kavre, an entire Nepalese village that was perched on a crack-riddled ridge as a result of the April earthquake. With over 500 tremors since the quake it was only a matter of time before this village was the victim of a landslide.

To see full story  click here ..... http://www.summersite.com/articles/roadtonowhere/E0000511_kavre-racing-the-landslide/

Lost Paradise - Published on Summersite

January 04, 2016

To see full story click here..   http://www.summersite.com/articles/festival/E0000526_lost-paradise/


With the tag line “back to nature”, Lost Paradise is set in the most perfect location for a summer festival; in a lush valley with mountain ranges hugging the festival site and a river running through the campgrounds.


Festival of the Sun - Published on Summersite

January 28, 2016

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Renae Saxby Photography

Byron Bay